It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I took a year off of blogging, helped my kids where they needed the help (hearing aids! BIG deal around here!), and took the time to really think about what I wanted for myself professionally. I did some re-branding, and discovered myself in a whole different way that I am thrilled with! Crafty Cupboard is in my past, and I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to keep paying for the hosting to keep this site alive 😉 but I wanted to introduce you to the new me:

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Sorry for the missed month, I was in the middle of a move, and didn’t get a visiting teaching assignment for the month! Here is the last of the year, December, and a message about compassion.

December VT Printable Handouts 1-01

December VT Printable Handouts 2-02

December VT Printable Handouts

As always, download or save the jpeg’s to print!

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Time for September’s Visiting Teaching Printable Handouts! Save the images to your computer to print, or just download the PDF.

September Visiting Teaching Handout Glory and Power-02

September Visiting Teaching Handout Power and Glory-01

September Visiting Teaching Handouts


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All Good Things

I’ve considered writing this post for about a year now. And today, I am finally going to hit Publish.

I’m stepping away from my blog. No more thinking up new material, sharing to Facebook, posting on Instagram, handing out business cards, linking up to parties, checking stats, and editing photos. I’ll still upload my Visiting Teaching Printables through December, but that’s all. And no fancy photos for them!

My Girls

I’ve got other things to do, and frankly, this […]

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August Visiting Teaching Printable Handouts

August is here! I just got back from a 10-year-Anniversary trip to France, but the first project I wanted to work on when I got home was these August Visiting Teaching Printable Handouts. This month, the focus is Meekness and Humility.

August Visiting Teaching Meekness

Humility is one of the most powerful attributes- with humility, we are capable of receiving every possible blessing and inspiration from God. Humility […]

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Dreams do come true tote bag

Today is Katy Dill’s birthday! She’s been an icon in the sewing community for ages with her blog No Big Dill, and when I heard about the gathering surprise party, themed “A Rainbow for Katy” among my fellow bloggers, I had to join in.

Katy is an artist, and a dreamer. Put the two together, and her creations for herself and her 5 girls and 1 lucky little boy are simply magical! Her Instagram feed is so inspirational. I always feel guilty I’m scrolling […]

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The Little Big Girl Room

My sweet little 6-year-old was supremely jealous when I did the weekend bedroom makeover for her sister, and begged me to do one for her too. But I didn’t want to spend money on another room… mostly because she is still so little and her sister with whom she shares the room is so little. Disaster strikes in their room all the time- those two are quite the destructive duo! So you can see my hesitation on any investments. Still, I gathered things from […]

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Diamond Teething Ring Pattern_Cover Page
It’s here, it’s here! The Diamond Teething Ring Pattern! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this reveal for weeks now. This is my FIRST pattern for sale, and gosh darn it, I’m glad it was such a fun one to start with!

So, some deets:

This pattern is for a wood + fabric softie baby teething ring, and the diamond is completely removable and washable. The pattern is fully illustrated, and has tips for maintaining the wooden ring as well. […]

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July Visiting Teaching Printable Handouts by the Crafty Cupboard

This month’s Visiting Teaching Message is about Forgiveness and Mercy, which is something we ALL can work on, all the time. It is a great reminder for us, because sometimes we forget that people need forgiving, ourselves included.

Here’s two 4×6 printable visiting teaching handouts that can keep the message fresh and at the forefront of our minds. The scripture, John 3:6, is directly from the official message, but the quote is from my own study on the subject. President Hinckley had […]

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