Slim Stash: The Resident RN- Old School Style

I scored an older Sesame Street Doctor Set the other day at a thrift store, and my munchkin has been taking everyone’s temperature and blood pressure since. I decided it was time for a little addition to the dress-up collection we have going on at our place. And I thought I’d share, although the instructions are… pretty pathetic.

Pieces to cut:
Neck strap

I started with a scrap piece of blue cotton fabric. Nothing exciting. I wanted to add some white somewhere so I used a piece of my muslin.

I measured the belly, hip to hip, of my little girl to determine the front “skirt” width. Since I wanted it gathered, I multiplied this by about 2, or in my case, the width of my scrap of fabric. Then I measured how long I wanted it and cut it to that length plus 1″ for seam allowances. I also cut a square (8″ for my 3-year-old) for the top piece, and a long strip (long enough to go around the belly and tie a bow in back) for the ties and neck strap (I sized mine to my daughter as I was making it). I had to piece fabric together for my ties… :) Cut out your pocket piece (not pictured) to your desired size. I wanted them big to hold lots of toys!

I finished all my edges on my serger (not really necessary, but nice) and did a 1/2″ hem on three sides of the skirt and the top pieces and on the pocket piece.
This is a good time to add your pockets and appliques. I decided after it was nearly done that it needed some health insignia on it… anyway, pin your pocket upside down and right-sides together to the skirt piece. Pin where you want to sew, and sew 1/2″ from the edge of the pocket, just like the hems.

When this is done, fold the pocket right side up and sew the sides to the skirt. I sewed a seam up the middle to make two pockets. I forgot to take a picture of this step, sorry! I guess look at the top pic for reference.

Then, you will gather the skirt top.

Find the middle of your gathers and mark it with a pin. Find the middle of your top piece and mark it as well. Match centered pins and pin your top piece to your gathered skirt right sides together. Sew using a 1/2″ seam allowance.
Fold your tie piece in half and sew together, and turn inside out. Close the ends. Do the same with your neck strap. With your top and skirt piece laying flat, place the tie over the seam that holds the top and skirt together. Pin and sew in place. I ended up sewing the entire length of my tie pieces on both sides for a more consistent look.

Place your neck strap under the top piece about 1/2″. Sew one side down. The other side will get velcro in order to be adjustable.
When adding velcro, put the soft side on the strap in a strip. Sew the rough side to the top piece where it will stick to the strap.
As for my embellishment… no wonder-under or anything, I just pinned and sewed. And gave everything a good ironing!
Fill the pockets with necessary nursing items and you are ready to treat any patients with various maladies. Enjoy!
My “nurse” was taking a nap with a high fever (coincidence? Doctoring has been on our mind lately) so Alta got to model for us :) Just pretend it is tied around your little girl’s waist!

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