Reversible Pillowcase

If you or your kids are anything like… well, my husband, then after a day of playing in the great outdoors, the head you put to rest on your pillow is a bit dirty. What do you do the next night? You are probably dirty again, but if you are anything like my husband, you NEED, as in an OCD type need, a clean pillowcase. I kid you not, he changes cases every other night, even at home.

But who packs an extra case?
How ’bout you just turn your pillowcase inside out for a whole NEW pillowcase!
This is super simple. Just two pillowcases sewn together! I should do this with all our cases… I wouldn’t have to do laundry quite as often.
***You can easily do a no-sew method with this: just buy a package of 2 pillowcases (I receommend Ross for cheap cases!), slip one into the other (wrong sides together) and use fusible hem tape stuff (found in the Notions section of fabric stores, even Wal-Mart!) to fuse the two cases together. ***
If you are like me and are trying to use up fabric in your stash and you don’t have pre-made pillowcases on hand, you can make your own.
Each pillowcase needs 1 yard of fabric. A fun way to do this would be to use two contrasting yards. But remember, I’m slimming my stash!!! I don’t want my nice stuff to be used for campouts… Blue it is!

I actually put my yards on a diet and shaved off 2 1/2″ from each selvedge edge. I like my pillowcases to be SLIM and tight around my pillow. ‘S Just me. Anyway, fold it in half long-ways and sew a… pillowcase. Down the long side and a short side. I trim my corners so it will turn nice and tight.
After those 22.7 seconds of sewing are over, move your project to your ironing board and iron the open edges down 1/2″. Then 3-4″. I did 3″. I like me a nice, wide flap.
After those 4 minutes of ironing, put the pillowcases together, slipping one into the other with wrong sides together.
Pin and sew! I sewed 1/8″ away from the edge (tuck some ric-rac in as you sew this seam or something else that is fun- totally cuuuute! I need better trim stashes. next time… next time.) and then again at about 3″, or where my inside fold was. I just felt along for it, and did it that way. You can mark your pillowcase so it is nice and straight.
Hmmm… since both sides are the same, how do I tell sides apart? Well, a yellow ribbon works for me! ***you can use fusible hem tape stuff to add a ribbon to pre-made pillowcases too.***
And I have a 2-in-1 pillowcase.
Amanda from Every Crafty Endeavor put her kids’ names on their camping pillowcases. Appliques would be a fun idea. These can be personalized any way you want, and in more exciting fabrics, those starry nights can be really fun!
And yeah, you can be like my husband and just turn a regular pillowcase inside out and wake up with a seam line imprinted in your face. But where’s the fun in that???
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