The Ultimate Twirly Skirt

I have been wanting to do this for a while now for myself… and couldn’t find a knit suitable for a mommy. I’m just picky. But I did find a delightful polka-dot at the store the other day and thought I’d do a trial run for my daughters!

With one yard of knit, measuring tape or ruler, fabric marking pen, scissors, and a calculator, you can do this!! One yard yielded a 4T and a 12mo size skirt. You’ll also need a sewing machine, of course. I used a serger for this project but it isn’t necessary. My measurements are in parenthesis so you can figure out what the heck I was doing.

Begin by finding your measurements. You will need waist and skirt length measurements. Using your C=2(pi)r math skillz, find out the radius and diameter. For my daughter’s 19″ waist, the diameter was 6″. I wanted the skirt to be 12″ long, so it would hit her knees. It ended up falling a little past her knees when I was done with my 12″ measurement. I shouldn’t measure my kids while they are running around…
Fold your fabric so the selvedges meet themselves… or, fold it hot-dog style! (For smaller size skirts, you won’t need to fold it differently than how it comes on the bolt.) To figure out your circle, take your length (12″) and multiply it by 2. Then add to that your diameter (6″). You need a fold that is at least that total length (30″).

Lost yet?

From one selvedge, mark the center (15″) of the skirt on your fabric. From that mark, use your ruler or tape measure to mark your center circle using your radius measurement, minus 1/2″ for seam allowance. I just moved the tape measure around my mark and drew as I went.

From your center mark, measure out the radius plus the length (15″). Mark that arch on your fabric too. You will have two arches marked on your fabric now.
Cut it out, leaving the fold in tact. The result will be a big circle. I also cut out a waistband with some leftover fabric. Cut it so it stretches the most lengthwise. I cut my waistband 19″ long (waist measurement) and about 3″ wide. The wider you cut the waistband, the taller it will be on your waist. 3″ was all I had left!

Sew the waistband short ends right sides together.

Fold it wrong sides together to make your waistband.

Pin the waistband to the right side of your skirt center. You might need to stretch it a tiny bit to get it to fit exactly right.

Sew it together! You have a waistband, congrats! If I were using a cotton knit, I would have just stopped right here and been done, but I think this was polyester so it didn’t look as nice on the edges.

So I did a rolled hem all along the bottom of the skirt.

Then, we tried it on and took it for a spin!


**UPDATE: I used this tutorial to make a t-shirt dress!  Check it out:

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