Handmade Gift Idea #1

Some of you may have clicked over to the Creation Corner when I was a guest blogger over there, but this is what I shared as a good handmade gift idea for a mom, sister, or newlywed:
What makes this mitt unique is its Thumb section- instead of being on the side, it is on the top. Where your thumb naturally wants to go when you are pulling cookie sheets out of the oven. This is my favorite type of oven mitt, so I decided to make one and show you how it is done!

First you need:
Pattern Pieces
Fabric (I would recommend home décor weight, even though I did not for this tutorial)
Bias Tape

Cut your pieces out of your fabric following the Template instructions. I then trimmed my batting and Insul-Brite about a quarter inch, so there wouldn’t be a ton in the seams. Lay them on your table with Fabric first, face down. Then, Batting. Finally, place your Insul-Brite on top, like so:

Baste all these pieces together.

Take your thumb and palm pieces, and match up the small curves. Pin, and sew only along the curved edge.

Since this is curved, clip your seam allowance so it won’t be bulky when you turn it inside out.

Place your top piece and your freshly sewn palm/thumb pieces right sides together. I evened them up a little bit by cutting off a small piece.

Sew these pieces together, and clip your corners. I just cut the seam allowance really close to the seam to minimize the bulk.

Take your remaining fabric pieces and sew them together as you did the first set. Clip or trim your edges.

Turn your batting pieces right side out, and slide the lining piece in so that the wrong sides are together. Shove your hand in and feel for any weird bulky spots and trim seam allowances that might need some extra attention.

I added packaged bias tape (following its directions) to the bottom edge, but you can make coordinating tape if you feel particularly ambitious :).

As an after thought, I added a hanging tab to the inside of the mitt. To avoid raw edges, add the tab before you put on the bias tape, and have all your raw edges line up as you sew it on.

Now we have a lovely oven mitt that fits more ergonomically to my hand. It is custom matching to my kitchen too! Don’t you think someone you know will love to have this in their kitchen?? Make a matching pair with coordinating placemats or hot pads, or embellish a set of dish towels to match.

Tomorrow I’ll have a WAY fun tutorial for a kid gift that you haven’t seen here before.  If I can get my kids distracted enough to take pictures without them getting a pre-Christmas peek!!

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