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I love having a blog.  I love sharing my projects and ideas with all of you, and having people actually look at my projects!  I thought I’d do a quick wrap-up of some of your favorite projects, as well as some of my favorites.
First, {some of} my favorites:
Upholstered Headboard
I like this one, a lot, because it is perfect to sit against and read a book at night, it looks good, and it was SO fun to work on with my husband.
Patriotic Pennant

So, Independence Day is my favorite holiday.  I get all weepy and nostalgic and start reading books on American History. This project was a great way to channel my holiday excitement.
Utensil Wall Art
This project was actually your second favorite this year, but my absolute top favorite.  I still stop and look at it when I’m in the kitchen/dining room.  It is fun to get close to the spoons, because your reflection is upside-down… and I am easily entertained. :) Have you made one yet?  You know you want to!!
Now, {some of} your top favorites:
Ultimate Twirly Skirt

This one is just a circle skirt.  But I have made several now, since they take like 15 minutes and are so dang cute. Good choice!
Cowl Neck Shirt Refashion

Can I tell you how often I wear this shirt?  Whenever I do laundry, this doesn’t even get hung back in the closet because I am anxious to wear it again.  EASY PEASY and totally cute.
Spiderweb Table Runner

This was your top favorite here at the Crafty Cupboard, with thousands of page views.  I can’t wait to break it out next year and remember the cramp in my hands again.  But it was totally worth it!!!
Thanks for making this year so much fun.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comments, visits, and friendly faces over on my sidebar.  You’re the best!

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