Top 11 of 2011

For those of you who have recently joined me here on Crafty Cupboard, let’s have a little recap of 2011, shall we?  I’ll just use Google Analytics to share the top 11 posts (posts with the most page views) from this past year:

11. Lace Shirt Refashion

Lace Shirt Refashion[5]

10.  Ruffle Bum Pants

Ruffle Bum Pants

9. Screen-printed Shower Curtain

Screen Printed Shower Curtain

8.  Nordstrom Dress Knock-Off

Nordstrom knock-off

7.  Hospital Gown

Maternity Hospital Gown

6.  Make Professional Drapes

Professional Drapes

5. Pacifier Clips


4.  Monster Baby Toy

Monster Baby Toy

3.  Circle Coasters

circle coaster

2.  Alphabet Bean Bags

Bean Bag Stack[3]

1.  Business Card Holders

Business Card Holders

I had a fun time sharing my projects with you in 2011!  It was mostly a maternity year for me, I spent a lot of time sleeping :)  Thanks for being such great friends and supporters of this little hobby of mine!  I’m excited for a spectacular 2012!

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