Bikes and Bricks Quilt

Running Bricks Quilt

This quilt was over a year in the making, which is funny considering it is the fastest quilt top I have ever assembled.  One Sunday afternoon, Mike bet me I couldn’t make a quilt top in a day.  And so, I went the easy route!  I used up a lot of my stash on this one, though!

Anyway, when I was done and Mike was impressed, I just folded the top and put it in my “WIP” container.  And there it sat for one year, completely forgotten, until recently.

I have a friend from when we lived in Scottsdale whose daughter got in a bad mountain biking accident during Easter.  She took a big spill, and ended up breaking her neck- paralyzing her from the armpits down.

Folded Quilt

Well, this family had already been through a lot in their lives, and lots of people pulled together to help out.  People helped move the family into a one story home, organized a huge garage sale to help with medical expenses, and there was a raffle/auction and donation page set up to help them out as well.

I don’t live out in Scottsdale anymore, but when I heard about the accident- and some good news that Brittany felt her legs were cold- I immediately thought of this unfinished quilt top.  It almost surprised me, since I had forgotten about it until then. 


2 weeks ago there was an update on Facebook showing Brittany bundled in heated hospital blankets, since the spine helps regulate body temperature and her spine is injured.  As soon as I saw that post, I pulled out that quilt top, rummaged through my fabric and found an IKEA fabric that I got that fit perfectly for the backing, and I started basting the quilt together- very slowly during any spare second I had.  One night of quilting, and one day of binding later, this quilt is headed to Brittany to keep her warm and colorful on her hospital bed while she slowly regains her mobility.  I think it will serve its purpose there much better than sitting in my bin.

Running bricks close

We are headed up to North Scottsdale this week to deliver it to my friend so she can take it to her daughter.  We worried about the bikes that appear on the quilt, but hopefully it will be a memory of miracles instead of tragedy.

Thread picker

Here’s to a miraculous recovery!

***Update Brittany passed away unexpectedly on January 4th, 2013, just weeks before she was scheduled to undergo a new surgery that would almost positively help her walk again. A very tragic ending, but I am glad to have been a part of her life. She was a wonderful mother, beautiful wife to her supportive husband, and inspirational friend. At least she is walking now with her sister (who passed away only a few years ago) along the gilded pavement of Heaven.

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