How To Hem A Curve

Yesterday I showed how to make the Twirly T-Shirt Dress, and while I took the easy route and serged the hem, not everyone will want to do that.  Here’s a way to get a nice looking hem on a curve, like the hem on that dress.

Curved Hem gather stitch

Begin by sewing a long, gathering stitch around the edge of your hem.  My gather stitch length is 5 on my machine.  If you have a big piece to hem, do a double row of this gathering stitch, about 1/8” apart from each other.

Curved Hem Gathers

Slowly pull the bottom threads until you get loose, even gathers around the entire hem.

Curved Hem Ironed

You’ll notice that as it gathers, it folds under on itself a little.  That’s exactly what you want!  When it is nice and even, iron it down to keep it there.

Curved Hem Hemmed

Then, the last step is to pin, and sew the hem.  The curves will be much nicer and smoother, and the fabric won’t look pulled all over the place.  {Granted, I should have hemmed this at about 1/2” or more, but my sample fabric was a tiny circle… :)}

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