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Some people who like giving handmade gifts are intimidated by those of us who blog (which, just because we blog about it doesn’t mean we are somehow better at it than other people!!!) and do crafty things, thinking that we’d be more judgmental or something if they gave us one of their creations.  I think it is quite the opposite: I am WELL aware of the time it takes to take a gift from idea form to its final, wrapped completion.  And because of that, I am very touched when people give me gifts from their own craft rooms or sewing tables.

Anyway, that is my mini soap-box on handmade gift-giving.  :)

MY BFF Kirsten is uber talented when it comes to sewing (and belching, but that’s for another time).  I’ve said this a few times before.  But she is.  She made her own GORGEOUS wedding dress.  She has made award-winning window treatments and her work has appeared in magazines.  She taught me how to quilt!


(My second finished quilt, but the first I started working on!)

She made a quilt for my little baby before she did the whole gender-switch on us.  So, Kirsten changed color gears and made an entirely different quilt for her!  And I love it.


Pinks and grays, all around.  And polka-dots.  I love polka-dots. 


The quilt is perfect!  We lay it on the floor for tummy-time, and then at night, her big sister steals it for a light blanket on her bed.  Everyone is enjoying it.

Yay for handmade baby gifts!  Thanks again, Kirsten!

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