The Post Where I Copy Cheri To A Tee


The very first post I ever saw from Cheri (I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar) was a simple t-shirt transformation using foam stamps and fabric paint. 

And here’s my copycat post.  I think we even used the same paisley stamp… or at least my girls did- I pretty much don’t let anything paisley touch my body. Or décor.  They remind me of amoeba, and I don’t want single-cell organisms adorning my house, or me.



This is such a kid-friendly craft, especially if you aren’t too worried about the outcome of the shirt.  The almost 3-year-old had an interesting design process, but my oldest did a fantastic job. 

I went to Wal-Mart (like Cheri) and picked up some t-shirts, and busted out the foam stamps (like Cheri) that were on clearance for 89 cents each at the Hob Lob and paint.  The girls were so excited to work on it.  They got two shirts each to decorate.


I even went so far as to add little butterfly antennae on one of the butterflies on their shirts.  I’m a cool mom like that.  They did everything else!


I got a gray shirt (like Cheri) and just stamped some white butterflies with two dark gray ones in the mix.  I’m simple.  When my oldest asked me if that was all I was doing, I told her I was plain.  She said that she was NOT plain and please give pass some more red paint. Do enjoy my post-run-in-the-rain hair and messy bathroom picture.  (Yes, that’s my baby.  She’s ginormous now, and loves sticking her tongue out.  But not sleep.  This picture was taken past midnight.)


After we were done we put them outside in our Arizona warmth (pre-deluge) and they were dry in minutes.  It helps that stamping results in small amounts of paint to begin with, but still.


Happy.  Happy girls with their new shirts- and finally something to match that butterfly skirt I made ages ago for the munchkin.

I’d totally stamp shirts again.  SO satisfying.

Thanks for the idea, Cheri!

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