Twirly T-Shirt Dress

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The problem with an oldest child is that hand-me-downs aren’t always available.  I don’t have a hard time finding t-shirts and shorts/pants for a great deal, but dresses are harder to come by.  A “Good deal” is usually more than I want to spend.  Therefore, I am grateful that I sew!

I got a few extra t-shirts at Walmart (3.88 each), and while we painted some, I saved this one to turn into a twirly dress with some fabric I had stashed away for a skirt for me one day.  I think most of my fabrics I have stashed for future Mom projects get used for my kids.  Oh well, it is part of the job.

I chopped the shirt in half, then measured on her the remaining length needed to make this a dress.  I used that measurement, plus her waist measurement, to make a long circle skirt to attach to the bottom of her shirt and make a dress.  I used my twirly skirt directions if you want to check out how the math works. 

t-shirt twirl dress

These are the fastest skirts/dresses to make.  I added a sash around the waist of this one because it was a little boring without it. I had just enough fabric left over to get a nice wide sash. I didn’t bother hemming it either (these are hard to hem nicely…) and just used my serger to finish it off.  Lazy.

twirly dress

I had a hard time convincing my daughter to come outside and take pictures. Our house gets NO light, so you can bet that this summer, we’ll have a lot of this going on when I drag them out in the 115 degree heat to take a picture:

Not another picture

At least she liked the dress.

ETA: I put up a tutorial for this one!  Find it here.

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