Spider Skirt Tutorial

Spider Skirt Tutorial

I love this time of year!  If you can’t tell already… but seriously, I love how there are so many holidays crammed in a row, like non-stop celebrating.  Of course, the first is Halloween, so let me show you how my girls are being festive already and in a classy way- the Spider Skirt!

To make a Spider Skirt, you will need:

Spider Skirt Materials

Back Stretch Lace, this one had spiders on it, found at JoAnn’s in their costume/holiday section

Black Elastic, 1” or bigger

Lining fabric- any festive color is fine, but I was going for more subtle and classy and chose black

You need to measure your child (or self!).  You will need the waist measurement, and the desired length measurement.

Let’s begin!

First, cut your elastic waist size + 1 inch.

Spider Skirt_Cut two pieces the size of elastic

Next, cut two skirt panels from both the lace overlay and the lining that are the width of the elastic, and the desired length.

Spider Skirt_Sew skirt lining pieces together

Sew the lace overlay together along the sides using a 1/2” seam allowance, and then sew your lining pieces right sides together with 1/2” seam allowance.  Finish your seams (zig-zag, serge, pinking shears).

Rolled Hem Foot

Next you will hem your skirt lining.  I used a rolled hem foot for quick hemming.  A rolled hem has a little piece on the front that twists your fabric under for you as you sew.

Spider Skirt_Rolled Hem

Spider Skirt_Finished Hem

It is really easy, and I had three skirts hemmed in no time.  It needed a little encouragement when it got to my side seams, but succeeded. You can always go the traditional route, though!  Just iron and sew.

Next, prepare your elastic by sewing the ends together, and then tacking down your seam allowance.  I used a zig-zag stitch to tack it down.

Spider Skirt_Sew elastic ends together, tack down seam allowance

At this point, finish the top of your lining somehow, either serge, zig-zag along the edge, or even hem the top.  The fabric will be exposed behind the elastic and you don’t want it to unravel all over around the waist.

Spider Skirt_Attach Elastic with pins

Next, find the center back of the skirt, and pin that spot to the seam in your elastic, with the fabric only about 1/2 way up the elastic (You don’t want the fabric popping out the top, or coming out of the bottom, so the middle is a safe place to be). Then, match the center front of the skirt with the center front of the elastic, then the sides, and then every center between pins.  I ended up with 8 pins holding the skirt together.

Spider Skirt_Elastic sewn with zig zag stitch

Zig-zag stitch the elastic to the skirt.  In order to get the gathered effect, stretch your elastic as you sew so that it is the same width as your fabric.  The pins will help guide you as to how much to stretch, and where.  

Sweet Spider Skirt Girls

The result is a very cute elastic-waisted skirt (or, skirts!) perfect for adding a touch of festivity to the wardrobe! 

Spider Skirt Trio

My oldest daughter was super sad her skirt wasn’t a pretty color… so, mom fail right there.  I just love a sophisticated black on little girls!  Still, it would be cute with purple underneath too, so I might make another for her (which means making more than just one, right?) My middle child really loved it, and wore it all day.  She loved it so much she got a little upset when I said I was done taking pictures of it.

Too much excitement

I do what I can.


Happy sewing!

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