Christmas Card Holder Tutorial

Framed Chicken Wire Christmas Card Holder Tutorial by the Crafty Cupboard

This year, I had my family Christmas photo done in September so I was ready to go on Christmas cards.  Addressing and mailing said cards is another story though, so we’ll just pretend like I’m really on the ball.  Anyway, it got me thinking about how we always pile the cards on top of the fridge every year, and go through them occasionally to show our kids the extended family and far away friends.  That’s no fun, right?? This year I solved the problem by making something specifically for holding our Christmas cards- framed Chicken wire!

Card Holder Materials

The materials for this project:

  • Frame of desired size, no glass needed.  Paint if you want! (Try a thrift store or make one)
  • Chicken wire (I got mine at Home Depot, you’ll have tons left over for more projects)
  • Wire cutters
  • Staple gun or handheld stapler and staples
  • Gloves to protect hands

Careful with Wire

I didn’t have gloves, so I put on some long sleeves to help avoid injury to my arms.  Fail.  Find some gloves.

Cut Chicken Wire to Size

First you’ll want to cut your chicken wire to roughly the same size as your frame.  You’ll be trimming later, but it is easier to pull on and work with if there is a little extra.

Staple Wire to Frame

Staple the chicken wire to the inside of your frame, pulling it as tight as you can without skewing it as you go.  Trim the excess after it is all stapled.

Finished wire insert

When you are done, you’ll have this cutie! 

Embellish Clothespins

To hold the cards, I got some mini clothespins from Hobby Lobby, painted them red, and added a few felt embellishments. 

Add pom pom trim

Embellish the frame with pom pom trim, tinsel, or anything else that might make it festive for the holidays.

attach photos to chicken wire with clothes pins

Just clip the photo to the chicken wire with your little clothes pins, and you have yourself a Christmas card holder!

Finished Framed Wire ready for cards

Now I sit and wait for Christmas cards to come in the mail.  That’s the best part!

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