Doll Dress

doll dress

Every year my siblings and I draw names on which family to get gifts for, and we drew my older sister who has 3 girls!  The oldest has an 18” doll, and my daughter (same age as her cousin) really wanted to make a pretty dress for the doll.  We went through my fabric, and she picked this pale aqua butterfly print by Lizzie House.  I used regular knit fabric I had on hand for the little jacket too. 

Doll dress pattern

I bought this Simplicity pattern when it was on sale for $.99, and of course my daughter really wanted a beautiful fancy dress like the one on the cover, but I just didn’t have the time to go that fancy!  Plus, I wanted to be able to use my materials I had already to save some money.  Luckily, my daughter still loved it, and was so excited to give it to her cousin.

Doll dress helper

My girls were very protective of the little dress while it was still at our house!  My little crazy-hair child wanted to make sure the dress didn’t fall while I was taking photos. :)

Doll brooch

I made the little flower brooch with my AccuQuilt Go! Baby and the Rose of Sharon die, which I have been saving up for for quite some time.  Here’s a good tutorial on how to make these little flowers; I just hot glued a clasp to the back of it instead of putting it on a headband and it made a perfect little accent to the plain jacket.

I just loved this little dress! It was fun to make; it did take longer than I thought it would though, because the pieces were all so tiny!  I took extra long when using my serger because I didn’t want to chop a hole in it while wrangling those small pieces.  Overly cautious, maybe, but it turned out great so I can’t complain!

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