DIY Necklace Holder


When it comes to holiday gift-giving, my husband is usually a last-second, if at all, shopper.  He just hates figuring out what I want (even though I have a Pinterest board devoted solely to helping him with this matter) and then hates picking them up even more.  Let’s just say his gift record hasn’t been that great :) 

This year, I had given up on hoping for something good for Christmas and just gave him ONE item to think about.  I wanted a necklace holder.  Desperately needed it, is more like it.  Back in the day he got me a jewelry box, but there wasn’t a place to organize necklaces and whenever I pulled one out it required untangling first.  I had many ruined necklaces because of this, and it was time for an upgrade.

So, this year Mike shut himself away on Christmas Eve and bid me not to go out to the garage.  I wasn’t surprised, since he usually waits until Christmas Eve to do anything!  He came back into the house at probably 1am, long after stockings were hung and Santa had arrived.  I was already in bed! 


Imagine my surprise when I opened this gem of a handmade gift Christmas morning!  A necklace holder, just like I had asked.  And even better that he made it.  


This was a fairly simple project to make, he just got some pretty molding at the hardware store and had them cut it to size, painted it, and then he pre-drilled holes in which to screw in the little hooks.  There are 24 hooks spaced evenly along the width, and I have empty hooks.  Once we put up the holder (on the wall with Command strips) and I hung my necklaces, we realized I have an obsession with blue, silver, and pearls.  I was totally laughing… and now I need to go get some more variety.  Having everything all jumbled in a box makes it hard to know what you have and don’t have! 

He also made me something else for Christmas which I will share with you soon!  Turns out it didn’t take him 6 hours in the garage to make just a jewelry holder :)

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