Easy Valentine Canvas Art

Valentine Art

I just love having Valentine decorations around the house!  It is so fun to have little Love reminders everywhere.  Especially when those little reminders were totally inexpensive and fast to make!

Art Materials

For this heart canvas art, I used some glittery foam hearts from the Dollar store.  They are for “table scatter” but we all know they have much greater potential than just that.  Anyway, I had a couple canvases sitting around my craft room that I discovered while cleaning up (it was like Christmas!) that I knew would work great for this project.  And the final ingredient: glue.  I used regular white glue, but hot glue would be faster.  I wanted the ease of possibly moving the hearts after they had glue on them, though, so that is why I opted for white glue.

This is so easy, but the trick to it is getting the hearts to make a heart shape.  Start with the bottom point and the top “valley”, and work out from there.

Glue Hearts

wanted a more random look, so I tried as hard as I could to not make this heart completely symmetrical.  I think that was the hardest part for me!  It was like going against all my instincts.  Still, I am really glad I did.

Layered Hearts Canvas

When you are all done gluing the hearts into the heart shape, let it dry for a few hours before hanging.

Valentine Canvas Art

My red chicken wire frame was still up on the wall (hello, Valentine’s Day = Red, how fortuitous) so I hung the canvas onto the chicken wire.  I think it has great dimension!   

For this project, feel free to think outside the box.  If you don’t have a canvas, simply glue hearts to a cute piece of scrapbook paper and frame it without the glass in place.  Or, use a scrap piece of wood.  You can even cut out a heart shape from white foam core, glue the hearts on, and then hang it like a wreath!  Enjoy, and be creative!

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