Getting Valentine-y

3D hearts

Slowly but surely, my little home is reflecting a little L-O-V-E.  First, we pulled out this Heart Specimen Art my daughter and I made last year.  I swapped the black frame for white, and I love it so much more!

Heart Placemat

I bought this round felt placemat last year at a store… Target?  Dollar store?  I can’t remember.  Anyway, this year I stuck it on top of our bookshelf on a piece of MDF for a pop of wall art!  It is times like this I really wish my walls had color, so you could actually see the white accents…

Also, I took this Kohl’s clearance owl…

Orange Owl

and ended up with this adorable little number:

HOO loves you

I think he’s so cute.  It is a He.  I bought some books at the thrift shop, and I was so excited to see that underneath the Shakespeare book’s dust cover it had a nice, bright Valentine-red hardback cover.  Serendipity.

Owl Always Love You

My owl canvas is up from last year (and is so happy it has another owl friend), and I put a glass jar of foam hearts (dollar store) on top of a candlestick (thrifted).

LOVE Printable

My printable is on the shelf too; little by little, this holiday is going to be fully celebrated here!

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