Glitter-ized Shoes

Glitterized shoes by the Crafty Cupboard

Sometimes we are driven to do things out of necessity.  For instance, it was the morning of a photo shoot for a Project Runway outfit and my daughter didn’t have any shoes that looked halfway decent.  I considered calling around to friends to see if they had any shoes in good shape that would work, but there wasn’t time to go pick them up, and buying new shoes isn’t an option.  What does a good, crafty mom do?  Bust out the craft supplies!


First, I taped off the part of the shoe that I wanted to cover with glitter.  I couldn’t find my painter’s tape, so Washi tape was the ticket! :)

Next, I got out my little sample bottle of Mod Podge (my big bottle recently ran out, boo hoo!) and a Marta Stewart glitter that I bought two years ago, but have been too afraid to open.  I’m weird, I know.


Nest, I covered the toe area with Mod Podge.  In hindsight, now that my daughter has worn the shoes several times since this, I should have sanded down the area first because it was so slick.  The glue is pulling off very neatly, little by little, and I think if it had something to hold on to it wouldn’t be pulling off.  Anyway, I covered the toe with a generous amount of glue.


Then, I started shaking the glitter over the glue until it was fully covered and let it dry for an hour.  To seal it, I put another layer of glue over the glitter.


I panicked for a moment when the glue was white over the toe again, but it dries perfectly clear, revealing the glitter underneath.


After it has dried completely, carefully pull the tape off and your shoes are glitter-ized!  I had to carefully cut along the tape on some spots to make sure the glue didn’t pull, but it wasn’t completely dry… We were racing the sunlight to get those photos taken and I didn’t have time to wait!  I’m impatient :)

Can’t wait to show you the final product!  My bio is on the Project Runway blog today, so for sure no backing out now!! 

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