Quilts of 2012

I’ve been finishing up a quilt for someone, and it had me reflecting on what I’ve worked on in 2012. 

Quilts 2012

I went through all my photos and found 18 quilts!  That averages to more than one quilt a month!  I had no idea my 2012 quilting year was that productive. 

From left to right, from the top:

1. Baby Boy Airplane Quilt   2. Baby Girl Birdie Quilt   3. I-Spy Quilt   4. Kite Quilt  5. Turtles and Monkeys  6. Hourglass Quilt  7. Girlie Herringbone Quilt  8. Britt’s Quilt  9. Vintage Modern Chevron Quilt  10. Pink Pachyderm Quilt  11. Pow Wow Quilt  12. Spiderweb Quilt  13. Pinwheel Quilt One  14. Boy Herringbone Quilt  15. Guitar Strip Quilt  16. Pinwheel Boys Quilt  17. Pinwheel Quilt Two  18. Wonky Stars Quilt

I have improved in my quilting, both in the time it takes to finish one, and the actual quality of said quilts.  Don’t get me wrong, they were always pretty good, but I’ve learned a few tricks along the way, like burying threads and machine-binding (though, I still prefer the look of binding by hand, it is faster and I feel more secure with machine stitching the binding down), and made fast friends with my walking foot for my machine!

Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

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