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This year, one of my goals is to actually get dressed every day.  Now, I do put on fresh clothes and all, but a t-shirt and baggy jeans don’t make me feel cute and ready for whatever greets me that day.  I want to get dressed to the point that if I got a call from a friend to go have lunch in 10 minutes, I can just walk out the door feeling confident in what I have on.  I have been slowly (oh, so slowly!) donating the clothes that make me feel frumpy or super young and trading them out with more trendy and sophisticated looks that are still fun and me.  Over the holidays I decided my next step was to buy some colored tights to go with my dresses!  I know, you might not think it is a big deal, but for me… that is a big deal.  I am so slow to embrace trends! I have a few dresses that are cute, but when I wear them I feel like I can still take them up a notch, and the obvious solution to me is to just add cute, colored tights.

I hopped online and put together an outfit for what I am trying to create in my own closet; a dress, cute scarf, boots, and adorable colored tights that would peek out above the boots.  No one wants to see my knobby knees anyway.

No nonsense tights and leggings are modern and affordable, and would make this look easy to accomplish.  Being the student’s wife that I am, I am always looking for an inexpensive way to create the look I want, so when I can find cute colored No nonsense tights at the corner drug store and other retail stores I frequent, that’s my kind of product.  

Jill Martin, fashion expert and TV personality, is the face of No nonsense and offers ideas with No nonsense on Facebook as well as Twitter (@benononsense) to help women like me understand the best way to wear colored tights, leggings, etc.  I need all the help I can get!

Do you wear colored tights or leggings?  I almost tried on a pair of colored pants yesterday too, but the tights in my cart were already stretching it for me (remember when I had to have you convince me to get skinny jeans?).  I will have to post pictures of my outfits every now and again to have you all weigh in on them.

See you tomorrow with my Project Run and Play submission!  Can’t wait!

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