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After Christmas was packed up and put away, it was time to pull out the Valentine Décor!  It might seem a little early to some of you, but since our winter isn’t very long or “winter-y” with snow and all that, I tend to skip right over to Valentine’s day. 

Even so, it has never been much.  Like a pillow, an Owl canvas, and… uh…

THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT!!  I want every holiday to be fun, to be something to look forward to, to have a memory attached! 

I was tinkering around in Photoshop the other day, desperately trying to understand it (and only partially succeeding) and came up with a little 5×7 printable to add to my décor.  And I thought I would share it! 

Love Printable with Cupid Arrow

I printed one out in a dusty pink, but then changed the colors to be a brighter pink, red,and blue.  Feel free to download and use as you want!  Please don’t sell or redistribute as your own.


Have a great day!

p.s. Thanks to everyone who voted for my dress in the Project Run and Play competition! We made it to round 2 (barely, I think!) and I’m excited to share that with you on Friday! It is so fun!

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