Working Hard… or Hardly Working?

I tell ya, things have been crazy around here.

It isn’t just the fact that the outside birthday party on Saturday had to suddenly be an inside party because of the rain, and I have about 120 usable square feet for 12 little birthday party girls.  Nor just the fact that the laundry room decided to flood because of the rain on the same day as that birthday party.  And I haven’t done laundry for a week because of worries about the laundry room.  And it isn’t just because half of us have colds and are cranky because of it. 

Things are crazy because I’m moving the girls into a room all together and making a sewing/crafting space just for me!  Floods? Psh!  I’ve got a sewing room to worry about!

This idea has been around for a while, but I was afraid to put all the girls in together because my middle girl just doesn’t go to bed!!  It takes a good 2 hours for her to stop opening up her door or bothering her sister.  I knew it would be trouble if they were all together.  And so far, it has been!  She tosses toys into the baby’s crib and tries poking her with Barbies, pulls her older sister’s hair when she starts falling asleep so that she’ll keep playing, and on and on.  It has been hard!  The sad thing is, she is the most tired of them all come bedtime!!!  I think I’ve lost a lot of hair recently… but we make progress every night, little by little. 

The reason for this room change is that I was going absolutely NUTS having all my sewing stuff in three different places.  My machine was in my bedroom, my fabric in the baby’s room, and notions and my craft supplies split between the baby’s room and my dining room.  I was a very unhappy person, constantly trying to remember where I put my elastic or whatnot (I still can’t find 3 huge spools of baker’s twine, it is like they evaporated into thin air).  So one day after Mike took off for school, I personally moved two rooms all by myself.  Then it took a day for my muscles to forgive me.

Anyway, things are going great so far, I haven’t actually crafted much in the sewing space because it isn’t all put together yet.  I have a ways to go, but at least I found the floor in there now.  My fabric is all folded up nice in the cupboard, but I am thinking I ought to get some organizers to hold them upright, like this from The Girl Inspired :

fabric storage by The Girl Inspired

I also love how her trim is in a jar, I think that is perfectly adorable. 

I also need a way to organize my little odds and ends, like safety pins, metal snaps, etc. and I think this baby food jar storage by Craftiness is Not Optional is awesome:

Under Shelf Jar Storage by CINO

We’ve already joked around about this on instagram, but if I had a button collection, I’d love to store them in spice jars out on display, like The Crafty Mummy:

button-jars by the Crafty Mummy

After hauling everything out of the baby’s closet that was craft related, I realized I had a lot more vinyl colors than I previously thought!  I had planned on putting them on a dowel system on my wall, but I love how they are framed out with a cute color here, from Honeybear Lane.

vinyl-organization-Honeybear Lane

I have some dorky, cheap plastic shelving in my room and stuff stashed away in $1 plastic shoe tubs.  I like how I can see into the tubs, but when I see how these containers from Olabelhe are so beautifully labeled, I think I ought to go with something that looks more clean and un-cluttery:

Labeled Boxes Olabelhe

And finally, I’ve been looking for a cute chair.  Preferrably vintage, definitely armless, and I’d love to have a fun color on it.  Alas, my thrift store trips have proved fruitless so far, so in the meantime, I might just spray paint my folding chair to make me happy, like Design for Mankind did:

Folding Chair by Design for Mankind

So there you have it.  I have a goal to have the room completely functional and up to speed on Friday.  Think I can do it?  Now that I’m not in the Project Run and Play running anymore, I think it might be possible!  I need your encouragement though, or I’ll just sit here looking at craft rooms on Pinterest all day 😉

See you soon!

(oh, and my website got a new address!  Yep, we’ve moved on from a plain ‘ol Blogspot address.  Hooray!)

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