Yes, Another Pinwheel Quilt


You would think that after making three of these (The First, and The Second), I’d be burnt out.  Well, I kind of am, and probably won’t do another one for a long while yet! This time around, it was a custom order.  Big enough to fit big-girlishly over a toddler bed, and in soft, shabby-chic colors and again in a scrappy piecing way.


The back is this super pretty damask.  I had to piece it together to be big enough, so I had to be really careful on where I seamed it together so the pattern wouldn’t be interrupted.  It’s the little things that make a difference!


The person who wanted this quilt wanted a binding that wouldn’t battle with the front pinwheel pattern and would compliment her dark wood furniture, so I picked out a really light tan, almost taupe, to complete the whole look.  It was really calming, working with all these soft colors, since my fabric of choice is always just happy happy fun fun.


I didn’t even really check what fabrics I grabbed, but I know there is some California Girl in there (a line that I had wanted, it was so pretty and girly!!) and some Marguerite.  There are some Kona solids thrown in too, to mix it up.  The back is a Love Live Vintage print, and I hurried to get this off so fast I didn’t even check the manufacturers.  Sorry! :)

Have a happy Wednesday!

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