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The Crafty Cupboard Sewing and Crafting Room

This has been a necessity for a long time.  I have outgrown my crafting spaces, which the original was… yes, a cupboard.  My crafty cupboard.  Today I have a whole room!  Which is quite amazing, considering we live in a small 3-bedroom condo with 5 people :) Shall I give you a tour?

Sewing Table and Sewing Pegboard

When you first walk in the door, the sewing table and sewing necessities are on the left.  My serger is tucked away in the bottom right cupboard of the table.  The pegboard above has all my bobbins (ok, most of them), cutting supplies, measuring rulers and fabric tape, seam rippers, etc.  The Felt Flower Garland tutorial can be found Here.


Buckets of Pins and Feet

I have room on there for more buckets to hold things like snaps and other notions.  I just need to find more buckets! My portable ironing table is right next to the sewing table, and I pull it next to me while I sew.

Next to the pegboard is my thread, and above it are some sewing and crafting supplies in Mason jars.  Somewhere in my crafting mayhem of recent months, I lost about 4 spools of twine.  I am sure they will turn up! 

Thread Holder

Twine in Mason Jars

Along the far wall is the fabric cupboard with fabric arranged nicely according to color.  I really don’t have much fabric for an avid seamstress, but it is still a lot!  I always buy my fabric on sale or clearance to save money.  The open shelves have quilting cottons, and behind the closed doors are my apparel fabrics and felts.  The top shelf has sewing books, and a binder full of PDF patterns I have printed, or quilt patterns I have purchased.

Fabric and Sewing Station

Next to this is the cutting station, and I finally invested in a larger, 24” x 36” cutting mat.  This table has the adhesive ruler along the front side (Best Thing Ever).  I have a plastic storage bucket under the table with interfacings and miscellaneous craft supplies.

Cutting Station

There is room at the cutting table for me to pull my chair over.  Sometimes cutting out patterns or squaring up quilt blocks is tiring, so it will be nice to sit down.

Plastic Storage

The corner looks pretty crazy, but this has been the system I’ve used for so long I know exactly where everything is.  I have a drawer for zippers and elastics, a drawer (or 3) for scrap fabrics and lone blocks, fabric trims and bias tapes, buckets of ribbon and vintage crochet lace, and a file with current projects and their materials.  It could be more organized, but I don’t feel like doing it :)

Vinyl and Craft Pegboard

The final wall has the girls’ dresser; there wasn’t space in the other room for three beds and two dressers (surprise!), so here it stays.  I hung another pegboard above the dresser to hold my paper supplies, like freezer paper, contact paper, and vinyl.

Vinyl Storage

I also have my craft supplies on the dresser and sewing notions that didn’t fit on the other shelves.

Closet Shelves

In the closet I have more shelves full of miscellaneous fabric (flannel, minky, vinyl, rib kints, home dec) and buckets full of interfacings.

Inventory and Patterns

More cheap shelving inside the closet holds my refashion bucket, Quilts for my Etsy shop, and patterns in buckets- one bucket is for children’s clothes, and the other is for my size and other projects, like Halloween costumes.  You’ll spy a little basket full of baby toys in the corner too- in case I have to work while a certain little person is with me!  She has a 6th sense as to when I need to sew something, seriously.

There you have it!  My sewing/crafting space!  I have already made a garland, a Valentine skirt, and half a shirt in this room, and I tell ya… it is SO much easier to work!  It is also the cleanest room in the house, ironically.  I am sure it won’t be for long.  The light is great, and is has been so much nicer taking photos for tutorials. The best part is the kids know, so far, that the room is off-limits except to find their clothes first thing in the morning.  That means things are left right where I put them!  Miracles happen! :)

All right, now that I am done creating my work space (except for some things I need to hang on the wall still, namely some sewing machine silhouette prints from Lemon Squeezy Home **update: I made a Free Printable Create quote for my wall!) it is time for me to get back into project mode.  See you Monday for the huge Pattern Sale!!! Can’t wait for that!

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