Bunny Softies with Free Template

Easter Bunny Softie Pattern and Tutorial

When we lived in our old apartment in Scottsdale, one of my very favorite signs of Spring were the little baby bunnies that hopped around our playground, in yards, and the golf courses!  My girls would chase those bunnies down with no luck, but it was so fun to watch them.  We don’t get to see those bunnies anymore, but with that memory fresh in my mind, I set out to make little reminders for us of the little Springtime Bunnies!

Bunny and Fabric

First, draw out your bunny shape.  I traced mine for you if you want to use it too!  (Bunny Softie Template)

Bunny Softie 1

Cut your bunny out of your fabric, making sure you have two pieces.

Bunny Softie 2

Lay your pieces right sides together,

Bunny Softie 3

Pin it up, leaving a hole at the bottom for filling with stuffing,

Bunny Softie 4

And sew around your little bunny at 1/4” seam allowance and a small stitch length.  Backstitch well at the beginning and the end.

Bunny Softie 5

Once you are done sewing, clip your curves and corners so it will turn nicely.  I use pinking shears on my curves to save time, but I have to get real close to the seam; be careful not to cut through it!

Bunny Softie 6

Turn your bunny right side out, and use a chop stick or something to get the ears and toes, etc. to their fullness.

Bunny Softie 7

Press quickly with your iron, making sure you press the seam allowance at the bottom where it will get sewn shut,

Bunny Softie 8

And begin to fill it with your stuffing.  I am a thrifty cheater, and use the cheap pillows from Walmart as my stuffing.  It is awesome.

Bunny Softie 9

Get that bunny nice and fully stuffed, and then it is time to hand-stitch the opening shut.

Bunny Softie 99

Use a ladder stitch, going in your fabric fold exactly opposite where your last stitch came out.

Bunny Softie 91

Your little bunny guy is finished! He just needs some friends!

Bunny Kisses

This is a very quick, very satisfying project!  These little bunny friends would be perfect in an Easter Basket, or just as a sweet gift for a little person (or big!) in your life.

Bucket of Bunnies by the Crafty Cupboard

If you want, you can enlarge the pattern and make even bigger bunnies!  This rascally bunch needed a mama bunny to keep them in line.

Easter Bunny Softies by The Crafty Cupboard

Happy Bunny Sewing!

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