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Hey Everyone!  You know how my other hobby is music, right?  It is pretty much a big deal to me.  In fact, to prove how much it means to me, I had the choice between singing in my choir and going to SNAP, and what did I choose?  Yeah, choir.  Don’t get me wrong, I shed a few tears over the decision, but music to me is a lifelong- even eternal- opportunity and privilege.  We have been practicing HARD and LONG because of a super huge and awesome opportunity we have as a group, and that is a trip to Texas!


So, why are we going to Texas?  The American Choral Directors Association has invited the Mormon Choral Organizations to perform at the ACDA national conference in Dallas, Texas on March 16. This honor is akin to the Academy Awards of the choral music community. This is the first year in its history the ACDA has invited such a massive organization to perform at a conference — our 700+ member ensemble consists of a combined full orchestra and choir, made up of both EVMCO from the East Valley here in Arizona, and OCMCO in Orange County, CA.

In addition to the ACDA performance at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, MCO will also perform for the Dallas community at the Allen ISD Performing Arts Center on Friday, March 15 at 7:00 PM.  Tickets can be purchased here, through the Allen PAC web site.  Ticket prices are super inexpensive, and the opportunity is not one you will want to pass up.

I just have to shout it again: WE’RE HAVING A CONCERT FOR YOU IN ALLEN, TX!  I am so excited.  This is huge. EPIC. Not going to happen any other time soon.  Did you know we had an album, Messiah in America debut at #1 on the Traditional Classical Billboard chart following its 2011 release?  Or that our 2012 Christmas album, O Holy Night, also spent several weeks in the top 10 of the Traditional Classical chart?  We’re no community choir, I’ll tell you that. You don’t want to miss it.

In case you are wondering what we’re about, in a nutshell, Mormon Choral Organizations was founded with the mission of teaching and encouraging excellence in quality sacred and classical music.  The organization serves over 2,000 participants and is made up of hundreds of volunteers who represent a variety of faiths.  Our directors are insanely talented!  The OC director is an in-house composer as well, so most of our numbers are fresh, hot-off-the-press arrangements of our favorites. 

Concert Ready

You’ve seen this photo before.  This is me and my oldest daughter on our way to the Christmas Concert in 2011.  I had had my baby 8 days before!  Good thing our dresses have an elastic waistband ;).  One of the numbers we performed then we will also be doing in Allen, and I am assuming we’ll get the same crazy huge standing ovation there as here because you will be Blown. Away. Prove me wrong! :)

I hope that if you live in the vicinity, you will make an effort to come see us in concert.  You won’t regret it, and plus- bonus!- every program will include a sample CD of our albums.  You can bring a taste of us home with you too! :)


Okay, that concludes this Public Service Announcement.  No… go get your ticket!

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