KCWC: Upcycled T-shirt Pajamas

Upcycled Tshirt to Pajamas

Really, this outfit should be titled “The Big Navy Dye Fail” because that purple/blue t-shirt was originally a regular white shirt, and I wanted to do a nautical themed outfit for the little lady.  I dyed the first shirt and it was really light, despite adding the vinegar or salt or whatever it was that it called for. So, I went for another shirt, and left it in longer and added more dye and more additive, and this was the result. Purple-ish. So I scrapped the nautical theme and just went for some girly pajamas. Next time!

Iron on Butteflies with Cricut Iron On Materials

I made a raglan shirt (sans collar) using a leftover white shirt and one of the dyed shirts, then added some butterflies in hot pink and glittery silver Cricut® Iron-on Material that I cut using my Cricut® Mini. It was such a fast and easy way to spruce up some simple pajamas! Butterflies are definitely a winner for my little girl.  They went on really fast and painlessly, I really like how easily something plain can be taken to something great with the Iron-on.

Happy Pants

I also made some leggings with the shirt, and couldn’t leave them plain!  I ironed on some HAPPY while, ironically, this child was screaming in her bedroom about not wanting to go to bed.  It helps to create an illusion 😉  Of course, this morning the pants really did make her happy because they had glitter sparkles on them! I told her they were for bedtime but she has been wearing the whole thing all day.

Ruffled front

The ruffles were added to the front of the shirt before I added the sleeves, and they add the final girly touch to the outfit.

Right now you can get $15 off a Cricut® iron-on material bundle, check it out here!

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