Halloween Costumes 2013

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie Costumes

Well, now that Halloween is over, I am finally able to share the costumes I made!  We had one trunk-or-treat party where the girls first got to wear their My Little Pony costumes, and they really dirtied them up. So, a run through the wash and finally getting a minute to photograph them before Halloween night, I present Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash

So, here’s the deets: The zipper hoodie was inspired by CINO from her girls’ costumes last year. I used the Reversible Hoodie pattern, without any pockets or the reversible part ;).  In order to have a seam to insert the ears, I just cut the curved part of the hood pattern about 2.5” in and seamed it back together with an ear in between.

Rainbow Dash Ears and Mane

Instead of using yarn like Jess did, I used fleece. With Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, I was looking at 7 skeins of yarn, none of which were 50% off when I went to the store, so even for the cheapest cheap yarn out there, I was still looking at $25… or I could just go buy a shoddy costume at the Halloween store. So I went with a 1/4 yard of fleece and it ended up being $9 for all the colors.

MLP Ears and Mane

By the way, my girls informed me I did Pinkie Pie wrong. She was supposed to have light pink skin and dark pink hair. FAIL. Then, when I couldn’t get the pink “hair” to curl, I had to do some serious tear wiping and soul consoling for a certain 4-year-old child.

MLP Costume Cutie Marks

The cutie marks were made with regular cotton fabric, and I applique’ d them to the pants. I totally forgot to reverse the image first, but the girls didn’t mind. No harm done.

Rainbow Dash Costume

The pants were made using Dana’s Kid Shorts pattern, and I just extended the length to make them pants. I wanted them a little loose, so that was the best pattern option.

I made Rainbow Dash’s wings by drawing a pathetic wing shape and then free motion-quilting some feathery type texture to it.

 Rainbow Dash Wings

I attached the wings to the hooded jacket by simply sewing them up the center!  Voila! I should have tacked the wing tips to her shoulders but forgot.

MLP Friends Costume

The girls were thrilled. That’s all that matters!  Who cares about the three broken needles and running through 2 bobbins and sewing one of the hoods on inside out the first time!  The hair made the hoods a little heavy and we kept having to pull them back up, but overall, I am really glad how they turned out. Good thing it was 87 degrees for the first Halloween party and the girls could stay nice and warm (*sarcasm*) but last night the weather was nice and cool so the girls were perfectly comfortable.

Halloween Bug Hunting

The perfect, comfortable, colorful, and play-friendly costumes.

And, after making these two costumes, I just dug through the dress-up bin to find something for the baby. I was a little worn out :)


I hope you and your families had a great, safe Halloween!

Halloween 2013 copy

Have a super weekend :)

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