2014 Free Printable Calendar

Printable 2014 Calendar by the Crafty Cupboard

Well, this might be a day late, but HEY! It is still January! I have been working on this as a Christmas present for my dad (it has been a while since I’ve drawn something for him to hang up, you know), but being sick and then out of town, I didn’t actually finish it until after Christmas. And now that it is finished, it is still sitting in my house waiting to get over to his house. Merry Christmas, indeed. Anyway, while I am procrastinating driving over to his house to deliver it, I thought I’d share it with you, just in case people are still waiting for gifts from you too 😉

Monthly 2014 Calendar Printable by the Crafty Cupboard

These little calendars are small, like 5 1/4” x 5 3/4” by how I cut them out. Clip them on a small clip board, stand them on an easel, or tape them to your wall with cute Washi tape. Whatever you want! They print two months per letter-size page, and they are the standard American layout (weeks start on Sunday, and it is sunny in July!)

2014 Printable Calendar by the Crafty Cupboard

So, yeah. Print it, enjoy it, Share it on Facebook and Pinterest, and have a grand ‘ol time.

Download the calendar HERE, from Google Drive. You don’t need any permissions, just print away! Remember, personal use only!

Happy 2014!

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