Blog Planner and Organizer

Blog Planner and Organizer

Hey there! I am pretty excited to show you one of my recent projects- a Blog Planner and Organizer!  I am taking an InDesign class through, and one of our assignments was to create a planner of some sort. Being a blogger, well, that decision was pretty easy.  Since one of my goals this year is to be more organized on my blog, this was the perfect solution/homework assignment for me :)

Blog Planner Calendar spread

Each month has a calendar where I can write in specific posts and events, and then pages (I think I did 5 pages) of blog post summaries for me to better organize each one of my posts.

Blog Planner Calendars

I’ve decided that my goal is to blog 4-5 days of the week, take weekends off, and also holidays, so I made sure to calendar in all that for myself.

Blog Planner Posts Planner

The blog post summaries help organize the main objective or idea, the materials I need to buy or pull out for the project, and photo shoot ideas. I am trying harder this year to take better blog photos; our house really, really stinks when it comes to lighting so I need to plan more in advance AND learn better editing skills. :) Anyway, getting the post out of my head from idea to final photo shoot has been great; I feel less brain-stuffed.

Blog Planner Monthly Color Coding

One of the things I did to help me organize the planner was to separate months by color- each month has a different color and all the pages pertaining to that month have the same colored banner across the top so I don’t get things mixed up as I go along. Sometimes blog events are planned out a few months in advance (and, that is totally rare) so as long as I am in the right color I know I am planning the blog for the right time!

Blog Planner Stats Page

Each month also has a stats page. I looked at lots and lots of blog planners that are out there, and I found that many of them incorporated stats lists that didn’t pertain to me. I catered this one to my specific areas, and while many big blog gurus might say “but what about X stat???,” I just didn’t care to add so many. I want to keep the focus on the content, not my stats.

Blog Planner Motivational Quotes

Also specific to me are the motivational quotes I have on each stats page to help me remember what is important. Most of them are religious, and others are just plain motivating by religious leaders of my church. Gotta keep that focus where it is supposed to be!

Blog Planner Brainstorm page

Adjacent to the stats page is one single page of empty boxes meant for any ideas that strike me during that month. I can brainstorm away here, and the ideas that hold water can be moved to blog post plans and calendar days.

Blog Planner Link Parties Pages

The back of the planner has pages for me to write down all the link parties I should be participating in each week. I say “should” because currently I only link up to one or two, and only when I remember! Link parties are a great way to get exposure and find new blogs and ideas… plus, many of the bloggers who host the link parties pay for a linky subscription to make it a better experience for everyone. It is a supportive thing to do for them as well and to share their links on your own blog. I am doing research on link parties, and eventually I’ll have a page here for link party references.

Blog Planner Photo Tips and SEO Tips pages

Along with link parties, there are lots of other ways to boost blog traffic and your ranking in search engines. There is a lot to remember, though, so I added a page with SEO information that I had researched off of the web so I can easily access all that information without having to store it in my brain. I also added photography tips since I often forget the basics when taking my photos. These are also things that I have learned through my own research, and I wanted to store the real blog-photo gems where all the rest of my blog organization is!  There is always something to learn and improve upon, and I try not to get frustrated when my photos look fine on the camera, but when uploaded they are something else entirely :) Perfection in blog photos is not my goal, but I would like to get better! This day and age is all visual, and so it is really important to have good images to share online if you are looking to grow.

Blog Planner Bound and Ready

Once I had printed off all the 102 pages (printing front and back took that down to 51) I created a cover and backing, and took it all down to Staples to have it bound. I also got a clear page protector for both front and back. It was less than $5 to have it spiral bound like this!

Since this planner is quite specific to my blog and person, I didn’t make it available as a printable. BUT, if you search for blog planners on Pinterest, you can find lots! I will have the Photo Tips and SEO tips pages available to you soon in case you are like me and wanting a few reminders nearby!

So, do you use a blog planner? Or any other planner, if you aren’t a blogger? I am still transferring all my information from random pieces of paper throughout the house into my planner and MAN is it already making a big difference in seeing the whole picture :)

Have a super day!

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