Breezy Quilt: Growing Up Modern

A Breezy Quilt by the Crafty Cupboard

I wanted this to get posted yesterday as a final 2013 finished quilt, but wouldn’t you know it, we decided to have a life instead. So, today it is! (please note, my husband is cleaning the kitchen so I can write this post. I love school breaks and a husband who cleans super fast.)

Breezy Quilt Close Up by the Crafty Cupboard

So, I have yet ANOTHER Growing Up Modern (affiliate link) quilt here, I just love that book (by Allison Harris) and all the projects in it. My oldest girlie loooooooooooves rainbows and had requested a rainbow quilt, so I thumbed through some of my patterns and Allison’s book, and this was the clear winner for a)quickness and b)obvious rainbow effect. While pulling fabric from my stash, I noticed that my fun prints were clearly in the GBIV range (my fav), not so much in ROY (not a lot of fave). I wanted to do everything from stash though, so I decided it would be just fine :)

Breezy Quilt by the Crafty Cupboard

The backing is from Hobby Lobby, and I’m a little worried about it bleeding when we finally wash it (she’s been sleeping with it for a month now, it is about time!) so it will be Color Catchers to the rescue, I am sure. The binding is a perfect almost rainbow dot, from what fabric line I can’t recall now.

Breezy Quilt Perfect for Naps

Needless to say, this quilt was a BREEZE to sew (therefore, rightly named) and is seriously loved by all the girls. They are so goofy, they randomly posed like they were taking a nap on the stairs :) Breezy is another quilt winner from Growing Up Modern (affiliate link)! BTW, the book is on sale right now for $17 and some change. Yay!

Sorry for the abundance of parenthetical remarks in this post (well, sort of sorry).

Other quilts I have made from this book, the list keeps growing!:

Rock a Bye Baby



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