Quick Glasses Pouch Tutorial

Glasses Pouch with Glitter Iron On Decal

When I got my new Firmoo glasses, they came with a hard case and a soft pouch, and both were black. Classic, yes, but a little boring too!  I decided to make my own little pouch to use instead.

Firmoo Glasses

I love it, it is adorable! I wrap the glasses in the cleaning cloth that was also included, and then just slip it right in. The gold glittery glasses on it just makes it that more fun. I thought I’d share how I made this so you can too!

Materials for Glasses Pouch

Materials needed:

  • 1 piece of fabric (I used plain cotton, but something softer or sturdier would be ideal!) cut 8.5” x 9”
  • Drawstring or string of some kind, I used a piece of trim that I unraveled to get a long, black piece.
  • Fun decal!  I used the Cricut Gold Glitter Iron On Vinyl and my Cricut Mini to cut it out, and it was perrrrrrfect with this polka-dot print.
  • Safety pin
  • Iron & Sewing materials

Hem for Glasses Pouch

The first thing you want to do is to iron one of your 8.5” sides, first about 1/2”,

Double Hem for Glasses Pouch

and then another 3/4” to make a double hem. Now, this is where I totally cheated, because I knew the opening for the glasses would be small and I didn’t want to hem as a last step around a tiny circumference. So, fair warning, cheater method ahead!

Marking Seam for Glasses Pouch

I hemmed really close to both edges of the hem, with about 1/2” or a little more between my stitching lines. I want to not sew between the pins that I marked so it leaves room for the drawstring later.

Side Seam for Glasses Pouch

Fold the fabric RST so the hemmed side lays atop itself, and stitch on the top a bit, making sure to backstitch really well. Then, skip the section you want to leave open, and keep sewing down the side and then along the bottom to close up the pouch.

Thread Drawstring for Glasses Pouch

Use your safety pin to attach to your drawstring, and then feed your drawstring through your little open hem space you made.

Threading Drawstring for Glasses Pouch

When you get all the way around, put that safety pin right back in and go around one more time!

Drawstring for Glasses Pouch

When the drawstring comes out one last time, adjust it so you have good 4” tails.

Glasses Pouch Tutorial with Drawstring

Flip the bag inside out, and poke those tails through to the outside too! That was totally the cheater finish :) Just knot off the ends so it all stays where it should, and BAM! Drawstring pouch.

Glasses Pouch with Cricut Glitter Iron-On

The final step is to iron on the glitter decal by placing a thing piece of fabric or towel between the hot iron and clear backing for the decal, and slowly pressing it in place. After about 20 seconds, it should be good to go, so peel off that clear layer! Re-iron any spots that didn’t get fully stuck, if you have any.

Glasses Pouch with Glitter Iron-On

Woo hoo! CUTE right? I love it!

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