Rocking the Spec’s, plus $30 off Firmoo Code!

Firmoo Glasses

When I was asked recently if I wanted to review a pair of glasses from, I had to squint doubly hard at the e-mail because I had already taken out my contacts for the day and don’t have glasses. It was perfect! Of course I said yes! So, a little while later, I had picked out a pair that I hoped would look okay! I’m pretty self-conscious about glasses.

New Firmoo Glasses

One of the helpful parts of Firmoo was that I could upload a photo of my face and virtually try on as many pairs as I wanted, and there were TONS of glasses to pick from. It was a toss up between this pair and one other, but I went with this one. Then I second guessed myself and purchased the other pair just in case. The second pair looked VERY different on my real face than the photo I uploaded, so although it is convenient, it isn’t perfect. Which is why I’m not showing you that pair ;).

Sassy New Firmoo Glasses

This pair was perfect!  They have lots of lens options, extra additions for anti-reflection and other convenient things, and it was really easy to order. I did have to measure my own eye distance since it wasn’t on my prescription from my doctor, but the instructions on the website for how to do it were simple and easy to follow. The only part that disappointed me was the shipping time; while during checkout the 5-7 days was selected, it failed to specify that it would actually take several days for processing first, then international shipping where the mail tracking number stopped working, so it was more like 2 1/2 weeks before I got the glasses and I never quite knew where they were. A bit frustrating, since I had hoped to get them before our road trip (you know how uncomfortable it is to sleep in a car with contacts in, blah) but I did get them soon after we got home. 

New Firmoo Glasses on The Crafty Cupboard

So, I like these frames! Which is really amazing for me, truly. I haven’t had a pair of glasses I really like in a loooong time. They have been great while I’ve been so sick- yes, I am still sick, my brother even called me Rudolph from my red nose (thank heaven for Photoshop. We took these pictures on my way out the door to the doctor and it wasn’t looking good, ha ha). I was so excited about them, I made my glasses a little accessory (you can see me holding it!), which I will share with you tomorrow!

Trying Out New Firmoo Glasses

Firmoo has graciously offered my readers a $30 voucher for their Classic Eyeglasses selection– such cute, trendy, and (obv) classic frames! Just use the code CRAFTYBLOGS4 at checkout!  If you need additional help when using the code, just head here. That is some good savings! The code is good for one month from this date, and you can use it up to 5 times (being different transactions). Don’t need glasses to see better? Well, Firmoo has sunglasses too, or hey, just order the frames with plain lenses and you can change your look whenever you like!

I am so glad I can finally see! :) :) And, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow with a quick tutorial!

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