Baby Geranium Dresses

Baby Geranium Dress in Houses

Hello everyone! Spring break is over now for us, so I’m back! :) And what better way to return than with some adorable baby Geranium Dresses? Seriously.

Baby Geranium Dress Houses

So, this little wee one I’m growing inside of me doesn’t have any clothes yet. Actually, I take that back- I have a set of onesies and a cute winter jumper thing. But, after her three sisters went through an already-used slew of baby clothes, it was time to retire the baby gear and start fresh. Things were getting scary, people. Especially since my last baby spit up constantly until she was 1 and didn’t walk until she was almost 2… so you do the yucky clothes math.

Baby Geranium Dress Houses Close Up

It has been really fun starting fresh with clothes! I realized that I had WAY too many things for my other babies. No sense in doing all that laundry, the more I had the longer I waited to actually wash anything and then it was like tackling Mt. Everest. Mostly I’ll be dealing in onesies around here with a summer baby, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to make itty bitty baby Geranium Dresses. Since they are made from quilting cotton, they can be more casual play dresses too. I got the adorable house fabric from Jo-Ann’s a while back in their premium quilting cottons. I loooooove it. I already backed a quilt in this fabric, and there was just enough left over for a 0-3 month dress!

Baby Geranium in Bikes

The bikes!  This is a fun dress, purple is NOT my most-used fabric color, but I have always loved this print!  I have had it in several colorways and used it up pronto each time. Very whimsical, and I love the repeating pattern.

Baby Geranium Dress in Bikes

Since purple isn’t really in my fabric collection, this one was lined in hot pink :) It totally works.

Baby Geranium Dress in Purple Bikes

I think this round of sewing Geraniums (I’ve sewn others, here and here and another that I never blogged now that I think about it) was my best yet- my gathers were perrrrrfect, and since I sewed both of them at the same time assembly-line-style, it was really quick.

Baby Geranium Dresses with snap closures

I think the longest part of the process were the dang pearl snaps I decided to put on the dresses. After struggling with the pearl snaps on the houses dress for over 45 minutes, I just did plain, boring ones on the bike dress and it took me 5 minutes. I can never seem to get those pearl ones to work as easily as others! I had snaggle prongs all over the place. But I wanted to do snaps instead of buttons for my husband’s sake… he hates buttons on little pieces of clothes. 😉

Baby Geranium Dresses

So… here’s the collection of baby’s clothes (minus that pack of onesies and winter jumper). So far, so good right?? Maybe little matching/coordinating bloomers are in the works next. Since obviously, those are so important.

Thanks for stopping by!

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