Fabric Scrap Easter Bunny Garland

Easter Bunny Garland with Fabric Scraps

This weekend something momentous happened: we put up an Easter decoration! My girls and I made this Fabric Scrap Bunny Garland and it came together so fast and easily!

Easter Bunny Garland Tutorial Materials


To start, my girls pulled out my fabric scrap bin and started sifting through to find Easter-y colored fabrics. This was probably their favorite part, and admittedly, my favorite part too. Then we cut out pennant pieces with my Silhouette machine, one solid pennant, and another pennant with a cute Peep-style bunny on it. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can still make this easily by cutting two identical pennant shapes, and maybe an Easter Egg in one of them! That is a simple enough shape to cut with an Exacto knife.

Easter Bunny Garland Tutorial with Fabric Scraps


My girls  used a glue stick to glue the fabric to the solid pennant piece, and then I glued the bunny pennant piece directly over the top of it so the fabric shows through the bunny cut-out area.

Easter Bunny Garland Tutorial with Fabric Accent


Repeat several times with lots of different fun fabrics, and you have yourself garland pieces! We had a great assembly line going.

Easter Bunny Garland with Fabric Scraps and Sewing


To add a little more to each bunny garland piece, I stitched around the outside of each with my sewing machine and some pink thread :) Just a little added touch to make it simply cute.

Easter Bunny Peeps Garland


We strung the pennant pieces on some thin gray ribbon and hung it up on our mirror (our go-to place for garlands) for everyone to enjoy! I thought little bows from ribbon glued to the bunnies would be adorable too! Little bow-ties… “hare” bows… 😉 maybe a button or two. But I always go for simple!

Peeps Garland


I need to start looking for more Easter decorations! Or making some. This is one holiday I do enjoy where I don’t actually have a lot of stuff for it. At least an Easter Bunny Garland was part of the show this year (made almost exactly like our Happy Birthday Banner of old, one of my super ghetto but still applicable posts 😉 Oh how far I’ve come!)



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