Little Baby Leggings

Baby Leggings

I just couldn’t help myself- I HAD to buy these cute knits and turn them into baby leggings. When I walked past them at Jo-Ann’s a while ago and I spied the pretty bolts, they practically jumped into my cart all by themselves!  I pulled out a favorite pattern, the Lollipop Leggings by Peek-A-Boo Patterns (affiliate link) and got to work.

Lollipop Baby Leggings

The colors are perfect for a little summer baby, I thought! And the patterns are fun too. The sweet lady at the cutting counter cut that chevron knit reaaaaaally off-kilter, so I had to do a little bit of fixing before I could actually cut into the fabric. It ended up taking several inches to get it straight, so I could only do the capri version of the leggings with that print! Oh well, summertime=cooler clothes!

Lollipop Leggings for Baby

While these pants usually take me 15-20 minutes per pair (less if I’m doing itty bitty sizes like these 3 month pairs!), my double needle was throwing a huge fit so they took me forever as I tried to troubleshoot the issues. I even opened a brand new double needle, and the left side just wouldn’t pick up the bobbin thread. So while I’m totally in love with these pants, I am hoping no one looks too close, since the lower stitch line skips stitches all over the place when I work with knits! I think it is time my machine got a little TLC…

Can’t wait to see the baby that will eventually fill these pants!  And by fill the pants, I do mean fill the pants. 😉


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