Stenciled 2014 Mutual Theme

Stenciled 2014 Mutual Theme

Up until 2 weeks ago, I was a leader over the 14&15 year old girls at my church. Every year, we have a scripture as our focus theme for our mutual nights, or weekly activity nights, and for one of our weekly activities we decided to stencil this year’s theme onto wooden boards for each girl to keep in their rooms and homes as a reminder of what we are focusing on this year. The stenciled 2014 Mutual theme is Moroni 10:32:

Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God will all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if my the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can nowise deny the power of God.

While the scripture itself is powerful and moving, it is a little long to fit onto a wooden board :). Lucky for us, the Silhouette store had a very, very (very) shortened version of the scripture that I was able to use, and it is so pretty!

Crafty Cupboard Stenciled Mutual Theme Board Prep

To stencil our boards, I had to do some prep work beforehand. First, I went down to Home Depot and got a 8″ wide, 6′ board and had them cut it every 10 inches to end up with an 8″x10″ board. I sanded all the sides and edges (the man cutting was quite the perfectionist with the cutting at 10 inches and ended up splintering all the boards so I had a lot of sanding to do!) before I took them down to the church for the girls to work on. Then I had the girls paint a base color on their boards. Now, you can stencil in two different ways with vinyl; you can either use the letters you’ve cut out as your stencil, or the negative space around the letters as your stencil. For my white and gold board, I used the negative space, and for this post I used the letters. It just depends on preference.

Crafty Cupboard Stenciled Mutual Theme Vinyl Stencil

After you cut your vinyl (I actually used patterned contact paper for our mutual night because I was cutting several and I wanted to save some money :) It worked out fantastic and I highly recommend it!), peel off and discard the pieces you don’t need for your stencil. Don’t forget any dotted i’s, punctuation, etc. that needs to remain in order to have the stencil look right in the end.

Crafty Cupboard Stenciled Mutual Theme Vinyl Transfer Paper

Next, place your vinyl transfer paper over your stencil so you can lift it off of the paper in one go without going crazy! Rub it on the vinyl nice and tight so it will pick up the letters easily. Slowly peel the transfer paper back, making sure you pick up all the vinyl pieces with it.

Crafty Cupboard Stenciled Mutual Theme Vinyl Transfer

Time to transfer! Carefully place your transfer paper with the vinyl on it over your board; I like to hover over it, measure with my eyes, ask for a second opinion, etc. and then place it on the wood! Again, rub that vinyl to your wood with a credit card, soup can, or whatever firm object you have sitting nearby. Carefully peel the transfer paper back, and your vinyl should stay in place.

Crafty Cupboard Stenciled Mutual Theme Paint

One of the reasons I chose to make my stencil with the words instead of the negative space is because I wanted a dark background with white words. If my base coat were the darker color, it would take more coats of paint for the white to be nice and white, which means more wait time, and I lack patience ;). For my white and gold board, I wanted to scrimp on my gold paint and so the stencil was reversed so I’d only have to paint the letters and not the whole board. Get it? Anyway, after the vinyl is on, go ahead and paint paint paint! Cover the letters as if they aren’t even there. Paint the sides as well, and when your front dries… paint the back! I only needed 2 coats of the turquoise paint to cover all the white.

Crafty Cupboard Stenciled Mutual Theme Covered in Paint

When your board is completely painted, let it dry! I let it dry until the paint isn’t wet, but it is still a little cool to the touch.

Crafty Cupboard Stenciled Mutual Theme Removing Stencil
Use a pin or vinyl picker-upper tool to start peeling your vinyl letters off of your board. My vinyl was really sticky so I really had to work on it! The contact paper I used for my white and gold board came off really easy.

Come Unto Christ 2014 Mutual Theme

If you have a family scripture or quote or motto, this would be a great thing to do for your own homes. I have this scripture now sitting on our bookshelves, and I’ve had plenty of moments of mommy anger and frustration that have been quickly calmed from just seeing it there. Even (or, especially) stressed out, exhausted mommies can receive help in their day by coming unto Christ, since He was such an example of love and patience and totally understands how I feel on a moment-to-moment basis.

I don’t normally blog about religious stuff, but there you have it. :)

Have a great day!

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