Its a Girl

Well, folks, I had a baby. Announcing Capri Grace Collette, born on June 10, 2014 at 8:04 in the evening and coming in at an even 8lbs and measuring 19 3/4″ long. We are loving on her like nothing else, and can’t get enough of those dark locks!

She is Here

I was due on Friday, June 6th… so yes… I was totally ready to have her. The way in which she came was not how I had planned, or would ever pick again, but she’s here and healthy and stealing everyone’s hearts!

Birth Story Alert:

I woke up on Tuesday at around 4pm from a delightful nap with contractions. I had been scheduled to be induced that morning, but the hospital filled up so they had to reschedule me. I was really, really bummed. My husband even more so, because he had already told his boss he wasn’t coming in! I think he was more excited about not working than actually having a baby 😉 Anyway, nap, contractions, where were we? Ah, so yes, I go to text Mike but I saw a message from him on my phone saying his phone was dying (normal, his phone battery only lasts a few hours) so to e-mail him if anything happened. So, I e-mailed him at work. What we didn’t realize was that his work would block my e-mails from coming through! Long story short: by the time he came home, my contractions were 5 minutes apart, and the hospital is 40 minutes away.

My mom was at the house already, thankfully, so we jumped in the car and took off like a shot. Mike broke several speed limit laws on the way, but we got stuck in construction traffic trying to avoid construction traffic. Such is our lot in life, I think! Anyway, after a brutally slow drive up Broadway, my water finally broke at the final street light before the hospital. All over the car seat. I had a towel between my legs the whole way because I KNEW my water would break, but that towel was useless after that break! I am truly sorry to anyone who rides in the passenger seat of that little blue car from this point on.

We pull up to the L&D doors, and I get wheeled- very quickly- to triage where I was at a 5. I was SO glad to hear that, I was in so much pain (hello, labor!) but I usually labor for hours and push for another 2 hours before my babies actually arrive, so a 5 to me meant time for an epidural!

Uh, no.

After rushing me to a delivery room, Mike left to park the car. I just bawled and gripped onto that hospital bed like it was some sort of life-saving device. That poor nurse, she probably thought I was possessed. IT HURT SO BAD. Mike came back and helped put pressure on my lower back during contractions, but ow, it hurt so much. I kept begging for that epidural! The nurse asked if I felt any pressure and I said no… but I have to throw up. I didn’t throw up, thankfully. And then on the next contraction….


And push I did!

With my legs crossed!

Gripping the hospital bed and screaming!

It was epic.

The room became a buzzing hive of nurses and a huge, burly doctor, and they had to physically pry my legs apart to say, “oh, hey, a head!”

Another huge push (accompanied by ample amounts of screaming) and HELLO RING OF FIRE. AND BRIMSTONE. AND SUN FLARES.

One more push and she was out!

And I just cried and cried and cried, and then cried some more. For like 15 minutes after I had her. I couldn’t even lift my arms up to hold her, and I barely opened my eyes. Not exactly the euphoric experience my sister describes after her natural births. Not even close!

And then my doctor showed up! Ha! Even though they called him right when I showed up, he didn’t quite make it in time. Oops, sorry doc! From the time they slapped that ID on my wrist to the time she was born, a whole 14 minutes had passed. FOURTEEN MINUTES.

Mom and Baby

After it all, I was super embarrassed about my wild, crazy lady screaming. I just wasn’t mentally in the game, at all. Nothing from my past birthing experiences helped prepare me for that! I was so looking forward to the relief of that epidural that I didn’t think it wouldn’t come! Moral of the story: Always prepare for a natural birth, just in case 😉

Baby Girl

Now we are home and sleeping a lot, and nursing a lot. My other girls just love her, and while they haven’t been poking her too much, I did have the 2-year-old and 5-year-old bring her up the stairs to me while I was using the restroom. I may have had a heart attack right there on the toilet. We had a very pointed discussion about who carries the baby :)

Clean Baby
I am still going to be a tad infrequent around here for a while, but keep linking up to the Do Tell Tuesday link party, I have a great time clicking through the links while nursing! I have a couple things to share here soon, but mostly I’ll be recovering and being a mom of a brand new baby for a while. Thanks for your support!

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